Wharfedale General Hospital Cardiac Club
Wharfedale General Hospital Cardiac Club

The Heart of Cardiac Fitness since 1991

Registered Charity

How to Join: New members normally join us via one of two routes. 
Route 1

Most new members join after attending a Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme (known as Phase 3) which is provided by the local NHS Trust and usually takes place shortly after the cardiac event. 

When Cardiac Rehabititation patients complete the Phase 3 programme they are issued with a Patient Profile detailing their medical history and medication requirements.  This is needed by our instructors to assess the exercising capability and the amount of monitoring required.

Some of our instructors are involved in Cardiac Rehab and may have referred you to us from Phase 3 Rehabilitation, in which case they may bring your Patient Profile with them. 

Other new members coming from Phase 3 may need to seek out the Patient Profile and bring it to their first exercise session.
​​Route 2

The second route is for those who have not participated in a Cardiac Rehab (Phase 3) programme. 

You can simply turn up at a class (15 minutes before the start time please) and have a discussion with the exercise instructor. Our  instructors need to understand your exercise capability and the amount of monitoring which may be needed and may ask you to bring  confirmation from your GP before you are allowed to exercise. 

Alternatively you might wish to obtain this confirmation before you come to a class by obtaining a letter from your GP confirming you are fit to exercise or by using our standard Referral Letter which can be downloaded from the link below:

WGHCC Doctor's Referral Letter
Your First Exercise Session

Bear in mind if the above formalities (Route 1 or Route 2 above) have not been completed, the instructor may not allow you to exercise until he/she is completely satisfied that your health and medication allow you to undertake the exercises. Assuming everything is in order, at your first exercise session you will be asked to complete a membership form (or download the form from the link below, complete it and bring it with you). Once you start exercising the instructor will guide you through the exercises.

WGHCC Membership Form