Wharfedale General Hospital Cardiac Club
Wharfedale General Hospital Cardiac Club

The Heart of Cardiac Fitness since 1991

Registered Charity

What our members say
Over the years, hundreds of members have benefitted from our exercise sessions.  Here are a few quotes from some of them. 
"I avoided joining groups of people in the same position as me because I thought it would be depressing. How wrong I was. Since joining I have really looked forward to seeing familiar faces each week, chatting, and going through a structured programme of exercises geared to people’s needs."
 "I felt really stressed, worrying about how I was going to recover.  But when I talked to people who'd been through the same as me, I started to relax and enjoy myself again."
"I felt really worried about my future health after my heart attack and hit a very low point shortly after surgery.  However, by bouncing my worries and concerns off people at the Club who knew what I'd been through, I started to build my self confidence back. I am really very grateful that, when I needed support, this club existed.  "
"I suffered a lot of muscle ache and mentioned it at one of the classes.  Members recalled similar issues with statins, so I discussed it with my GP, who put me on a different statin and the aches went away".
"At first my paranoia was rife, only my husband was around to reassure me I would survive.  Finding the cardiac club was a great blessing and it did my husband a favour as he didn't get so many moans and fears!"
"The classes are well managed and  run in a friendly environment." 
"Group exercise has made an enormous difference to my level of commitment to trying to improve fitness."
"I know that, if I have a "lazy week", I have my exercise class to keep me going." 
"The classes are excellent and the trainers are dedicated and experienced. This is an excellent facility." 
"I get great encouragement by seeing long term members, up to twenty years older than me, still exercising and getting benefit from membership of the Cardiac Club."
"It is reassuring to know that the instructor is aware of everyone's situation and is "au fait" enough to be alert to variations in health."
"I really enjoy the exercises particluarly as I know that they help to improve and maintain my fitness."
"There is a high level of reassurance that flows from the exercise classes, reducing the anxiety and tensions of living with a heart condition, and this should never be underestimated."
"The Club's exercise sessions  provide a real opportunity not to go backwards after a cardiac event."